The smartest and quickest social intranet

Client challenge: The power of social media without losing control

Our Plek clients, ranging from semi-public institutions to real-estate developers and from medical centers to heavy-equipment rental companies, believe in internal social media. Yet how do you make sure that important announcements are not crowded out by non-work-related banter?


ILUMY innovation: The social intranet

Sometimes a step back is a step forward. With Plek, we aim to offer the best of both worlds. On one hand, keeping what makes traditional intranet useful: a banner, news channels, a customizable roles-and-rights structure. On the other, taking advantage of what makes social media so engaging: ease of use on multiple platforms, always up-to-date, empowering employees to participate.


Shared insight: Even a great social intranet will not succeed by itself

To ensure the successful adoption of a social intranet, we not only design an extremely user-friendly platform. We help our clients implement a well-thought-out action strategy. 


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