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ILUMY @The Next Web

MIT's Ethan Zuckerman spoke at The Next Web conference about homophily in social media: the urge to seek the company of like-minded people

ILUMY had a Boost stand at the recent The Next Web conference in Amsterdam. One speaker stood out between the hipsters: Ethan Zuckerman, an old-fashioned nerd from the internet’s starting days. He was disappointed in the internet, as it had not brought about the understanding between peoples he had hoped for. One culprit was social media, which enables people to retract in their own worlds.

In an article on Dutch media blog Frankwatching, I considered the implications for managing social-media in organisations. How can you make sure that your social tools break through the debilitating barriers between the silo’s in your organisation? Or even help you open up to ideas in the outside world?

Rik • Managing Director at ILUMY

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