“A je to!”

Barca, Buurman & Buurman

A warm welcome to the latest member of our ILUMY team: Barca, our new office management intern. She is helping out around the office and she's a quick study! She started in November and she's is going to be around for 5 months. Like every ILUMY employee, Barca adds her very own creative touch to our office: she sings, dances and she even competed in the Czech version of The Voice!

Another fun fact about Barca… Remember creative handymen Pat and Mat (Buurman en Buurman in Dutch and originally called Pat e Mat in Czech)? In most countries these two animated characters are silent but in the Netherlands they have a catchphrase: “A je to!” (which is Czech for “And that’s it!”). Barca’s grandfather, Vladimír Jiránek is the creator of the animated series and her dad currently runs the animation studios. He visits the Netherlands quite frequently to talk to the VPRO!

If you want to hear Barca sing, check out her soundcloud!





David • Technology Director at ILUMY

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