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All real estate and property management services under one roof.

We just launched a completely new, fresh and service oriented website for Hoen, one of Amsterdam's oldest real estate and property management agencies. Hoen was founded in 1929 and has always boasted high-quality service and a constant fine-tuning of their progressive vision. Which is exactly what they did when they asked us for a new website!

Hoen provides many services to many different kinds of people. The company assists people in search of a property, people selling a property, companies looking for advice with regard to real estate, and property investors in need of asset management assistance. Hoen also rents out properties to individuals and families, and provides them with assistance when it comes to for example repairs, or complaints about noisy neighbors. Hoen used to get a lot of calls from people who knew they would have all the answers, but just didn’t know where to find them. Hoen needed a change! This is a before/after of their website:

oude en nieuwe website Hoen

When you’re offering many different things to many different kinds of people, it’s important to make sure all these people know where to find what they need. We therefore tailored Hoen’s website to the needs of every group. We’re channeling users into different parts of the website, in a way that they’re not bothered by information they really don’t need. We’re enabling different kinds of users to get the service they’re looking for. Quickly and without any effort. See for example the visual collapsible menu we implemented: it’s a clear overview of all the parts of the website, and it can be expanded by clicking on ‘menu’ in the top left from anywhere on the site.

With regard to the daily overload of calls Hoen used to receive: that’s history. We streamlined communications by implementing a number of forms on the site. Instead of calling Hoen, people can now easily find where to request repairs or where to register for a specific type of appointment. These forms are then immediately sent to the right person at Hoen. We’re planning to implement an integration with Hoen’s back-end systems in the next development phase, to make it even easier for Hoen and their clients to find what they need.

Another time-saver for Hoen is our integration with RealWorks. Hoen is offering many properties, and it would be a lot of work to upload all the required information and images manually. So we connected Hoen’s website straight to the source: RealWorks. This enables us to automatically add every new property and every status update to Hoen’s database. The information is immediately visible to visitors. Always up to date!

Hoen iPad

‘Smart makes simple’ is what we’re all about at ILUMY. We’re happy to have integrated this concept with Hoen’s progressive vision on real estate and property management. It’s still never a boring day at Hoen’s offices but work did get a lot easier just by getting the right information through the right channel to the right people.

Rik • Managing Director at ILUMY

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