ILUMY is a digital design and innovation agency

Prototype with ILUMY

We bring ideas to reality in a prototyping partnership with enterprises and not-for-profits. Kick-start your strategic prototyping with experienced teams that combine human centric design, cutting edge technology and enterprise security. Creating MVPs, platforms, apps, IoT-devices, VR-experiences and events, we move fast from idea to reality – with fun along the way.


Let’s challenge your purpose and explore what options for future business may be desirable, viable and feasible: your sweet spot of innovation. From there, we create future user journeys, experiences and prototypes. Clients value our critical, creative and future-oriented approach.


Successful businesses are built on platforms with a fan-making user experience and the smartest use of technologies and data. From app to website to connected devices and VR, clients trust us to design and deliver their secure platforms and user experiences of the future.


Is your customer journey future-ready? Is your platform singing your brand and nurturing visitors to fans, with intuitive UX and onboarding? Is it secure and are all non-functionals taken care of? Does it share well? Clients partner with us for ever growing performance.


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