AMC Mobile Toolkit

Creating practical guidelines, checklists and parameters for a hospital environment

In a hospital setting, mobiles are often the devices of choice for accessing digital services. Especially patients are relying heavily on their phones, for both service and entertainment. Currenlty, ILUMY is teaming up with the Amsterdam Medical Centre in Amsterdam to develop a strategy for mobile. Which results in a Mobile Toolkit, a helpful guide to safeguard standards for anyone who wants to create an healthcare app for the organization.

The AMC is concurrently working on a multitude of digital communications projects, from a new public website to decision-making tools for medical specialists – and dwarfing it all is the introduction of the Electronic Patient Dossier (EPD) this year.

We are now developing a framework for answering both strategic and practical questions on mobile-app projects, such as: when to use which type of app (and when not to use an app at all)? Which security requirements should medical apps adhere to? How do you safeguard user-friendliness? How do you make sure apps are properly embedded in the organization? In various sessions we query AMC employees and transfer our knowledge to them.

As end-product we deliver a ‘mobile toolkit’ with checklists, parameters and practical guidelines. This toolkit will be available for everyone with an app idea within the AMC, greatly speeding up decision making and safeguarding standards. Most importantly: the toolkit frees them up to focus on all those exciting innovation opportunities! 

David • Technology Director at ILUMY

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