An app for Japiecars

ILUMY rose to the occasion!

Japiecars is the most reliable and user-friendly online platform for used car dealers. Dealers use the information provided by Japiecars to monitor stock, determine prices and keep track of competitors. Japiecars already had a website, and they asked us to build them an app. Of course, we rose to the occasion!

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We hereby proudly present our professional app for Japiecars: JapiecarsPRO. We used the React technology: an open-source JavaScript library for building user interfaces. React was developed by Facebook, Instagram and an independent community of developers. Second hand car dealers use the resulting super-fast JapiecarsPRO app to search for a car they have on offer and compare themselves to competitors offering similar cars. The order of search results can be of critical importance, so dealers can influence their position in the results by adapting their prices in real-time. A rapid response to market developments is vital here, so we came up with a little something extra… In order to turn Japiecars into an app that anyone would like to take for a test drive, we added a chat feature! Management can now directly communicate with departments about specific cars. This allows dealers to quickly react to developments, adjust their prices and improve their position in the used car market. We linked the app’s chat to the pre-existing website, so they work together as one.

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Our road trip with Japiecars has only just begun though: we’re planning to optimize Japiecars’ website, build an iPad app, and build a consumer app besides the professional one we currently have. Stay tuned!

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Stefan Hoevenaar • Creative Director at ILUMY

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