Your health is not a game

But our app for BigMove does make you want to play

BigMove helps people live a healthier life. Healthy living is a serious and sometimes difficult life goal, but BigMove turned their service into an accessible and rewarding experience. Their program focuses on people's power, confidence and ability to influence their own health. With BigMove we built an app to help people tell their stories, take control of their own lives, and move forward.

The main goal of the app is to make it easier for people to tell their stories, and to get those stories across to their care professionals. It is obiously not pleasant to have health issues but it should at least be gratifying to take control of your own life and reach your goals. A health treatment program can be intimidating and impersonal, and people generally do not like the sound of all the medical terms they encounter in it. Nobody wants to be a patient. So together with BigMove we came up with a more appealing vocabulary. First of all: we are talking about your life, your goals and your decisions. So you are the ‘player’. But you cannot do it alone. You need a ‘coach’. A professional who knows what he or she is doing, advises you and points you in the right direction. Some personal help also would not hurt: you need a ‘supporter’. Someone you trust, who knows you and is there for you.

Besides the right terminology we needed to create an appealing visual style. We devised user stories to take all the different people, situations and issues into account. For this we worked together with one of BigMove’s designers. He acted as a mediator and ambassador between BigMove and ILUMY and was heavily involved in creating the atmosphere, tone of voice, flow and ‘face’ of the app. Involving one of our client’s own people in the project helped both sides to understand each other. This facilitated decision making. Together we came up with a simple and inviting design that truly focuses on people’s stories. The design is clear but not clinical; it has depth but it is not distracting; it is neutral but not boring. The app feels personal and invites players to engage with it.

Using the right people and the right tone of voice, our BigMove app smoothly guides players towards their goals. The app makes it easier to talk about issues: it facilitates a good conversation between player and supporter and stimulates them to really talk to each other. It makes the players think about their life: How am I doing? What are my goals? How can I reach those goals? When the player and supporter have the story straight, they can share it with the coach. And that is only the kick off!

We released the first version of the BigMove app last month. We need to know how the app can motivate and help users take control of their lives. That is why it will be beta tested by one of BigMove’s care institutions (with real players, coaches and supporters!) for 7 weeks. We will use the test results to optimize the app. Just like the players, we are moving towards our goal. And we have only just begun!

Stefan Hoevenaar • Creative Director at ILUMY

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