Connecting the Amsterdam Fire Brigade

Connecting firemen at work with a secure mobile messenger app

Amsterdam Fire Brigade

Connecting cultures with a mobile app

Client challenge: involve a fragmented workforce

After a regional merger, the Amsterdam Fire Brigade (BAA) needed to create a shared culture and open knowledge sharing between 20 fire stations and groups of professional and volunteer fire fighters.


ILUMY innovation: find common ground

We realized that what binds firemen is talking about fires. So we created an app that not only gives them news updates and searchable profiles, but also up-to-date incident information straight from the control room. Together with BAA, we built several secure API’s to pull data from various systems into one clear interface.

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Shared insight: ask the target group

Early on, we submitted a prototype of the app to an internal innovation contest at BAA. It won with 65% of the vote, creating a receptive audience and providing valuable inputs.

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