The BigMove approach to health

Giving people control over their own health

Client challenge: Translate a new vision into a digital toolset

BigMove Institute advocates a radical new approach to health care: instead of concentrating on diagnosis and cure, it focuses on overcoming functional constraints. But how do you provide health care professionals – and indeed participants themselves – with the necessary tools to make this vision reality?

big move

ILUMY innovation: Give users control over their medical data

We already developed a tablet app to let coaches and participants take statuses and agree goals and actions, using natural-language recognition to classify issues. But shifting control to participants means making a personal smartphone version of the app the centerpiece of the methodology. This is where participants keep their personal program and data, private and secure.

big move

Shared insight: Agile development requires true partnership

BigMove and ILUMY have jointly formed a scrum team to develop the app. But the shared decision-making and full transparency that makes this flexible Agile approach possible requires complete trust between the two parties.

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