Bright Nights

Accelerating innovation at night

Bright Nights

Accelerating innovation at night

Challenge: Accelerate innovation

Many organisations feel the urge to respond to the rapidly changing world, aware of the risk to proceed as usual. But this conviction – ”being adaptive is essential” – makes insecure. Which trends will be relevant? Which ones will be disruptive for our industry, have impact on our business model, could add value to our propositions and are worth investing in? Should we be an early adopter or a follower? Starting with prototyping is an option, but even then: often the many decisions to make stagnate important steps forward.


ILUMY innovation: Pressure cooker prototyping to explore potential

We organise incompany Bright Nights:

  • 18 students from creative universities work all night to think of solutions for your challenge based on a specific trend
  • People with mixed skill sets team up with one shared mission
  • We start with an inspiring deep dive into a specific trend, with high quality keynotes of business futurists and trend/technology experts
  • At breakfast, 6 customised concepts are served
  • Publicity and follow up (realisation) options available

Bright Nights geel


Shared insight: Get a breakthrough in just one night!

In just those few hours between dinner and breakfast a giant step toward innovation can be taken: it proves to be possible to generate ideas that are truly valuable, that match the context and that open your eyes for unexpected opportunities.


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