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Niche social network for development finance

Client challenge: Connecting globe-trotting finance professionals

TCX provides services to development finance institutions: state-owned investment banks that provide funding for companies in developing countries. Development finance professionals are always on the go, visiting third world countries to assess funding opportunities and find funding partners. When they can connect more easily, they can partner more easily and complete more deals.

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ILUMY innovation: Build a niche social network

We utilized our Plek platform to build Frontier Finance, an invitation-only network for 10.000 development finance professionals. Here they can connect with peers, share insights and get the latest country and travel information. It helps them work together to complete deals – and find a dinner companion in Dakar, Dhaka or Dushanbe.

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Shared insight: Rapid prototyping enables users to give early input

Rapid prototyping techniques gave us valuable feedback from intended users early in the design process. This research helped us create several iterations, find opportunities to add value and create an MVP that supports the community.

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