Heineken global communications platform

Employees do the best reporting


Employees do the best reporting

Client challenge: Engage a worldwide workforce on strategic themes

Heineken’s 85.000 employees produce and sell more than 250 brands in over 70 countries. How do you align all of them on strategic themes coming out of headquarters in Amsterdam? And how do you enable employees to share the story of Heineken?

Heineken Green Room

ILUMY innovation: Employees are the best reporters

We designed and developed the worldwide social-video platform Green Room, based on our social technology Plek. The platform is very secure and combines confidential content with publicly available content in a very intuitive, cross platform user experience. Green Room lets employees tell their stories and show how Heineken’s strategy drives their concrete plans and actions.


Shared insight: Keep it really simple, with intelligence in the background

With the worldwide user base of Heineken, we were confronted with a challenging variety of user digital proficiency, devices, browsers and networks to support. We created an adaptive, simple experience, building on our Plek Media Engine, connecting even people on the Indian Ocean island of Réunion.

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