Big-screen audience engagement with Ngage

Augmented reality attracts eyeballs!


Augmented reality attracts eyeballs!

Client challenge: engage passers-by

Our client Ngage Media operates a network of big public screens. They asked us to help them optimize processes and develop ideas for audience engagement using augmented reality and sensors.



ILUMY innovation: interaction is key

Connecting sensors to the public screens that track the movement of passers-by opens up a world of opportunity for interaction. Examples include dodging dinosaurs in augmented reality and multi-player instant games using mobiles as controllers.


Shared insight: engage the advertiser as well

Ngage’s business model is based on attracting eyeballs to the screens with content and showing commercials in between. With interactive augmented-reality experiences, the commercial message can provide the engagement itself – and the advertiser can furnish the budget to develop it.

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