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The smartest and quickest social intranet

Client challenge: The power of social media without losing control

Our Plek clients, ranging from global FMCG brands and semi-public institutions to media companies and medical centers, believe in internal social media. Yet how do you make sure that essential business information and important announcements are not crowded out by non-work-related banter?

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ILUMY innovation: Better than intranet

Sometimes a step back is a step forward. With Plek, we aim to offer the best of both worlds. On one hand, keeping what makes traditional intranet useful: channels, information pages, a customizable roles-and-rights structure. On the other, taking advantage of what makes online media so engaging: a seamless experience across platforms, rich media, social sharing, lightning fast search, push notifications, security and group privacy, all empowering employees to participate.

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Shared insight: Even a great community platform will not succeed by itself

To ensure the successful adoption of a community platform, we developed and aligned a basic activation approach, an onboarding platform and an automatic activation engine to drive user adoption and retention.

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