T-Mobile NarrowBand IoT network launch prototyping

This network will take IoT to the next level.


This NarrowBand network will take IoT to the next level.

Challenge: launch a new network for IoT

In 2017, T-Mobile Netherlands will be first to launch a new type of cellular network for Internet of Things applications on a national level: Narrowband IoT (LTE). How to kick-start the required ecosystem of end-users, hardware-developers, application-developers and T-Mobile-platforms/propositions?

t-mobile prototype starterskit

ILUMY innovation: prototype journeys and platforms

With T-Mobile we developed:

  • customer journeys for end-users, application developers and OEM-manufacturers
  • a prototype platform for the management of IoT-devices and data-streams
  • a prototype platform for an IoT-app marketplace
  • a pairing protocol for connecting sensor devices

t-mobile pilot

Shared insight: align the chickens while prototyping the eggs

The emergence of a new ecosystem has many interdependencies – some say hurdles – that can be anticipated by aligning stakeholders in an early stage

t-mobile upscale

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