Bridging silos at Telegraaf Media Group

A new social intranet bridges internal silos and connects across organisational borders

Telegraaf Media Groep

Social intranet to break down internal silos

Client challenge: Delivering on external ambition internally

The Telegraaf Media Groep (TMG) is the biggest consumer publisher in the Netherlands, with brands such as De Telegraaf, Sky Radio, GeenStijl, Relatieplanet and regional newspapers. The company is busy transitioning to always-on, and often digital media. Unfortunately the internal communication tools did not facilitate business units – or even departments – to work together in achieving this goal.

TMG - Feeds

ILUMY innovation: Do not duplicate

Our Plek social platform is very effective for breaking down internal silos. But large and diverse companies such as TMG have many systems and communications tools already in place. To counter the scepticism about yet another tool, we did two things: we concentrated on a few important functions (searchable people profiles, easy-to-start groups) and made sure these worked really well; and we focused on the ultimate always-on device with a mobile app.

Shared insight: Practice what you preach

During the research phase before the Plek implementation, we interviewed a diverse group of TMG employees. Many of them lamented the lack of internal news and communications. This confirmed to management that they should align internal systems and processes with their proclaimed external strategy.

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