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How one international 7-language platform doubled sales leads


How one international 7-language platform doubled sales leads

Client Challenge: A complex product portfolio

Trespa makes architectural panels for beautiful facades, for architects and builders. The Trespa product portfolio has many variations, documentation requirements and restrictions that differ per country. Earlier attempts to make a good online product planner had failed. Many proclaimed the database was impossible to manage.

ILUMY Innovation: Yes we can.

Of course, we had to test it for ourselves. In one weekend, David and Stefan made a clickable demo and to the surprise of many it worked (“That’s not possible! Try 6mm in Chili!”). That started the design of the new Trespa global website, replacing 11 websites, introducing a new product database, a worldwide project database and creating a new user experience focused on inspiration, practical use and lead generation. Read more about our latest journey with Trespa here.

David travels China

Shared Insight: Work together intensively, build a friendship

If you work together intensively you may as well become friends. David and Sjoerd spent many hours crunching data with Zach, their peer at Trespa. Zach had recently moved from New York to Zendang, China when in January 2016 David decided to take a trip… He and Zach traveled through China and there it all came together, because their intern Sacha also worked in China at the time.

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