Willem&Drees deliver from farm to home

Connecting local farmers to local consumers


Connecting local farmers to local consumers

Client challenge: From global and anonymous to local and personal

Willem&Drees (W&D) delivers fresh food from the best sustainable local farmers and producers directly to your home. Their dream is to change the food chain by reconnecting consumers to local producers. In that renewed relationship, the stories and beliefs of the farmers and their products are just as important as the products themselves. Therefore we created a grocery shopping site that’s all about experience.

Willem & Drees

ILUMY innovation: Focusing on the customer journey

When you buy your food at Willem&Drees, every step in the customer journey has to be right, aligned with the values. We worked with Willem and Drees to develop the experience of online local grocery shopping, from the story of the farmer and the appearance of the deliveryman to payment mechanisms and recipe booklets.

Shared insight: There is no substitute for a great meal together

Early on in the project we shared a meal with all team members from Willem&Drees, ILUMY and partners. We shared goals and beliefs, visited the nursery garden and were in for a real feast! It proved invaluable for building a team with a shared purpose.

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