Elementary school Coding Hour with ILUMY

Kids are our future, after all

Once a month we visit an elementary school to do a 'Coding Hour'. We teach kids a thing or two about programming. And they love it!

We work together with Stichting CodeUur to try and get kids interested in technology at this very young age. We use Scratch, a fun visual programming language developed by the MIT Media Lab, to create animations and games. And Scratch is not only fun for kids: give it a shot yourself and you’ll notice an uncontrollable urge to produce¬†more and more games!


Our latest Coding Hour took place at the Al Wafa school in Amsterdam West. At first the kids were a bit hesitant but after they got the hang of it they were unstoppable: “How can we make this game harder?”, “Can we also create different levels?”, “How can I make this bat fly?”. We had a lot of fun and we’re already looking forward to our next Coding Hour! If you work at a school and would like us to drop by, just call or email¬†us and we’ll get it started!


Stefan Hoevenaar • Creative Director at ILUMY

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