Could your business use a Bright Night?

Pressure-cooker prototyping with ILUMY

Innovating is exploring opportunities. Experimenting with new trends. Researching promising technologies.

We believe in prototyping to make sure ideas are off to a flying start. To see what works and what does not (yet). To keep learning. To stay adaptive. To make informed choices.

Do you feel the same?

ILUMY is keen to experiment and think about the future with you. You probably know us in the role of advisor, innovator and realizer of future-proof digital concepts.

And innovation can now be faster than ever! Last year we started our incompany prototyping event Bright Nights: extra-rapid prototyping for extra-rapid insights. In just 1 night a group of creative thinkers finds solutions for your issue, at your workplace, based on a new trend or technology. Think of Virtual Reality, Internet of Things, Open Data, Blockchain, Chatbots. Anything is possible!

Bright Nights geel

The ingredients: your issue, a recent development, 18 creative thinkers (students from different creatieve colleges), input and guidance from experts on future / trends / concepting, 4 pitch rounds during the night, a ‘the future is now’ vibe, good food (good mood!) & drinks. You and your colleagues can stick around all night or you can just join for breakfast, when the ideas are presented.



  • Get inspired by new perspectives
  • Understand the value a trend can offer you
  • Find new opportunities to solve your issue
  • Connect and excite your colleagues
  • Create a good climate (flow and focus!) for innovation
  • Put yourself on the map as an innovative and creative company


Let’s do this!

Need a breakthrough? Email or call me at +31 (0)20 – 774 0033, and take that first step towards the future.

Read our blog about the Bright Night with the Heart Association for more information.

Stefan Hoevenaar • Creative Director at ILUMY

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