From farmer to front door

Connecting local producers and consumers 'online' with W&D

Willem&Drees (W&D) delivers fresh foods from local farmers to local consumers. Up to now only through supermarkets (e.g. Jumbo) and catering companies, but their dream was to connect producers and consumers directly – online. They are convinced that the stories and beliefs behind the farmers and their produce are as important as the products themselves. Which required a transactional site that’s all about experience.

Fresh foods, from fruits and vegetables to dairy and meats, are everywhere, with beautiful imagery. Every product tells the story of the farmer who produces it. But the experience also extends into the ordering process, which is based on transparency and trust. Choosing one-off or weekly ordering, changing existing orders up to the last minute, skipping a delivery or changing the delivery address, everything should be as easy as making arrangements with a local farmer directly.

The whole customer journey

We spent long hours with the passionate owners Willem and Drees (really!) in the concepting stage. For a client with such a strong set of values and beliefs, it is imperative to embed the online experience in a well-thought-through customer journey. So we also deliberated with them about things like the appearance of the deliveryman, payment mechanisms, and recipe booklets.


No substitute for a good meal together

Early on in the project, we organized a get-together with everyone who was going to work on the project, from our developers to W&D’s order pickers. We learned about their passions, feasted on their food and visited their nursery garden. It proved invaluable for building a team with a shared purpose.

And the result? Have a look at We bet you can’t keep yourself from ordering a bunch of regenboogpeen, a noot-rozijnenslof or some cranberrypaté.

Rik • Managing Director at ILUMY

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