Get ready for the first Arduino NB-IoT shield

It's the future of the Internet of Things

As you may have spotted before, ILUMY works with innovators in the NB-IoT revolution. So obviously we're backing SODAQ's kickstarter campaign, introducing NB-IoT for everyone. They've reached their goal but you can still be a part of this revolution. Pledge now, get connected and start using the collected data in no time.

ILUMY backed SODAQ’s Kickstarter project for an Arduino NB-IoT shield that connects Arduino to the new T-Mobile NB-IoT network.

SODAQ will deliver the world’s first Arduino NB-IoT shield in June. With this Arduino shield we will all be able to rapidly prototype Internet of Things applications with T-Mobile’s NB IoT network. Awesome!

T-Mobile will launch the world’s first national NB-IoT (Narrow Band) network in The Netherlands (read more about ILUMY’s role in the launch here) and pledged to provide all backers from the Netherlands with a free NB-IoT SIM card and free access to the NB-IoT network for a year. The NB-IoT network offers great reach (for example in cellars and underground) and battery life of up to 10 years.

SODAQ is hosting an NB-IoT exploration workshop in May to teach backers all about their shield. And of course ILUMY will attend. See you there?

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Stefan Hoevenaar • Creative Director at ILUMY

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