Hospital routing pilot

Find your way in LUMC

Finding your way in a hospital is never easy, especially if that hospital is one of the biggest in the country, with dozens of outpatient clinics and departments in six buildings on up to 12 floors. ILUMY is now working with Leiden University Medical Center (LUMC) to pilot a mobile routing app.

With this app, patients and visitors will be guided to their chosen destination within the hospital through an intuitive step-by-step approach. An essential requirement for the LUMC is that the routes are flexible, as clinics and departments regularly change location. We are building a simple content management module to enable the hospital staff to reorder the routing steps themselves in these cases.

Delivery of the pilot is scheduled for the end of September. Then we will test and evaluate with the LUMC and plan possible next steps. One avenue we are already exploring is to use the hospital’s many wifi points to build location tracking into the app, but that is beyond the scope of the pilot. To be continued!

Rik • Managing Director at ILUMY