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Meet-up! Exploring Digital Health Care Applications

After the customary opening speeches the stage was open for organizations such as the AMC and the GGD to explain challenges they face. These varied from designing a more patient friendly hospital room to creating a system which offers insight in the medicine usage of patients.


We spoke to every representative to discuss their issues and what ILUMY could offer to assist. Whether a digital tool or advice on the implementation of an innovation. This ranged from a tool for their organizations and in some cases we offered advice on the implementation of an innovation.
An example of this would be Cordaan, which asked for help in developing a system to manage their vacant rooms for people needing medical or mental care.

The GGD wanted advice on modernizing their interventions to appeal to a wider and younger audience. We offered to assist in gamifying their program to increase its appeal among the young and help the GGD into the digital age.

Finally we offered our assistance to the pharmaceutical bureau of Amsterdam. They need to make medical information accessible for doctors, pharmacists and hospitals while leaving control with the patients. Through our work with BigMove, we have quite some experience in coupling professionals’ with patients’ apps to exchange personal data securely and privately

After setting the whole healthcare sector on a path to digital nirvana, it was time for some well deserved drinks.


David • Technology Director at ILUMY

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