Ngage Salesforce Tool

Making proposals more efficiently

Ngage Salesforce Tool

Public places wouldn’t be the same without screens. Trademark of contemporary times, the urban landscape is filled with public screens of all sizes. Our cliënt Ngage Media sells advertising time on these public screens, in retail and transportation. As demand is growing swiftly, they decided they needed a tool to make proposals more efficiently.

The challenge for ILUMY: creating a flexible platform that would fit all the needs of the Ngage salespeople and that can be plugged in to Salesforce straight away. Salesforce is a CRM giant, and has a big marketshare in the Netherlands.

Selling advertising time is custom work. Every client has different requirements, needs a different amount of screening times and chooses different screen locations. Round prices and sometimes discounts needed to be taken into account. It was up to us to create a system that would work seamlessly with all sales activity.

On average, it took an single Ngage employee up to 45 minutes to create a customized proposal. That time can be shortened easily with a smart tool. Our Salesforce proposal tool plug-in is bringing that amount of time back to 15 minutes, resulting in to perfectly attuned PDF.

Prices are calculated accurately, users can adjust the price to a specific amount at the bottom and even midway discounts and changes can be added. Marketing information is framing the quote and images are neatly alined into one document.

Now an account manager can easily make an offer letter and send it out to a client immediately. Talk about changing-up the process of sales tremendously!

David • Technology Director at ILUMY

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