Prototype your future!

With ILUMY as prototyping partner

Society changes rapidly and continuously. How will we live, work and communicate in the future? Even though the future is unpredictable, ILUMY cannot wait for it to happen. We are curious, optimistic, eager. To us, prototyping is the way to safely experiment with all the opportunities the future holds. A prototyping mindset keeps you flexible and adaptive. Whatever happens.

Looking for a prototyping partner?

More and more clients choose ILUMY as a prototyping partner: an ever-available, critical opportunity spotter who can give substance to pretty much any idea in no time.

To us, prototyping means experimenting, making, learning and improving – together with clients and experts. Making abstract ideas or wishes for the future tangible by starting the conversation, visualizing, doing.

Experimenting with chatbots

Chatbots: a promising development or an unethical violation of our privacy? We did a deep dive into the possibilities. Our trainee Willem even went undercover as a bot on our own communication platform Plek. You will find the results in this blog post! Willem also wrote his thesis on this subject: download it here.

Let’s do this!

Need to materialize some of your own ideas? Within a week, we can provide you with something tangible to help you show your colleagues, boss or partners what you are thinking about.

Email or call me at +31 (0)20 Р774 0033, and you will have your hands on your own prototype before you know it.


Stefan Hoevenaar • Creative Director at ILUMY

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