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Starting this year, Facebook is legally allowed to sell your pictures to third parties. This was mentioned in one of the user agreements no one ever bothers to read, but should! Family photos, selfies even pictures of your dog are up for grabs for those who are willing to pay for it. Though the simple option would be to just delete your Facebook account, we all know what a hassle that would be. Instead, it would be a lot easier to just make your photos unsuited for commercial ends.

‘Reclaim’ wants to do just that. The app places a watermark on your Facebook photo’s, making them wholly uninteresting for commercial use. The initiative has been so successful that they have reclaimed over a million images already. Managing and processing that large a number of photos has become a huge task and ILUMY is helping with that. While it won’t be the solution to keep your online privacy intact, it helps to keep some control over your photos.

Begin reclaiming your images by going to www.reclaim-online.com.

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David • Technology Director at ILUMY

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