Seek and ye shall find

Or... shall ye?

All digital information is searchable, right? Then why is it that, after an endless wait, you are often presented with an incomplete, ugly and incomprehensible list of search results? We see ample room for improvement.

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The possibility to search (and find) is essential for every website, app and platform. At ILUMY we combine the latest technologies with a strong focus on user interface design. That is how we make sure you will find the right exterior panels, second hand car prices and hidden knowledge.


Panels, panels, panels

Our client Trespa sells a million exterior panels per year worldwide. They manufacture 40,000 variations of their product: color, application, thickness, finish, fixing systems… Last month we launched a brand new website for Trespa. Their various product lines can be found on separate sub homepages: only product-specific content is displayed on each sub homepage. For an even better User Experience we use visual filters and a simple but complete product selector.

trespa product selector

The best price for your car

We recently built a super-fast app for Japiecars, a B2B search engine for used-car dealers. We built this app with React technology, developed by Facebook, Instagram and an independent community of developers. Used-car dealers utilize the app to search for cars they have on offer themselves, compare their prices to those of the competition, chat about market developments with colleagues and managers and adjust their prices in order to immediately improve their search ranking. Read our blog post about JapiecarsPRO to find out more.


Check out Plek

The search engine plays an important role in our internal social communication platform Plek. Users exchange messages, chats and documents within their own groups (such as teams, project or departments), but the sharing of knowledge and information across group borders often provides the most valuable insights. Hence Plek’s motto: ‘Open up!’. Plek boasts a full-text search across the entire platform, including the contents of documents. We use Elasticsearch for this (another Dutch success story!). Search results are uncluttered and ordered by type.

plek search

We are working on ideas to proactively highlight relevant information elsewhere in the organization for Plek users, for example based on their posts, profile or network.


Are ye also seeking a better search function? Call Stefan or Rik and ye shall find: +31 (0) 20 – 7740033.

Rik • Managing Director at ILUMY

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