Small innovation, Big Impact

SVR Predictor app helps to determine the best treatment for hepatitis B patients

ILUMY is all about digital innovation. That may sound grand, but it certainly doesn’t have to be. Yes, we do help clients devise digital strategies and design sophisticated online platforms and apps. But innovation can be small and quick, too. It’s all about looking for new ways to do things better, easier or faster. Big things, but also seemingly little things that can have a big impact.

Take the SVR Predictor app we developed for LiverDoc, in association with the Erasmus Medical Centre in Rotterdam. With this app specialists can determine the best treatment for hepatitis B patients. A user-friendly interface enables them to choose the best combination of medicines for a specific patient by just filling in a few parameters. The app then performs all necessary calculations and presents the effectiveness of various options in a clear overview. This leaves less room for error and more time for patients.

The app was so well received that we were immediately asked to develop another for an international hepatitis research group in which Erasmus participates. We even managed to deliver it within a week, in time for a conference in London.

Rik • Managing Director at ILUMY

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