Stop, soup time!

Jerome talks about music production and experimental design

Finally, the moment we have all been waiting for: Jerome's presentation on music production and experimental design. We've been building up expectations for about a year. And Jerome didn't let us down!

Once every two weeks, it’s soup time at ILUMY. That means homemade soup and a presentation of something we as a company are working on. Or something that interests you and is a creative inspiration. We have people in our midst with damn cool talents and wide interests – so it’s great to hear from one another. Plus, making the soup is a bit of a competition. Our main focus is on technology but food comes second (if not first) around here. This time is was up to Jerome to do the presentation, and Barca teamed up with Dominik to make delicious Czech garlic soup.

Jerome is our music guy. We hear him tapping away in the attic when he is listening to his tunes whilde coding. And because of him we all know the Talking Heads’ repertoire by heart. He breathes music and loves to work on experimental design as well. And Jerome isn’t just producing beats, although he took us through the basics during his presentation with Herbie Hancock. (Or the ‘talented Lionel Richie’ as he likes to call him.) Jerome is also working on projects which experiment with movement and the creation of sound. (On a side note – maybe the PeerPep bike could get some sound effects in the future?)

Here is an example of Jerome’s work for Het Orgelpark (The Organ Park) in Amsterdam. He created a sensor that responds to a dancer’s movements. Pretty cool huh?!

In two weeks, David and Thomas will put us to the test with Coding 101. We can’t wait!


David • Technology Director at ILUMY

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