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New cases on the ILUMY website

A new website, a new challenge. Over the last couple of months we’ve launched a new website and experimented with new visuals. Communications Manager Margot worked together with several people to create some clips. A special thanks to Tessa and Resul, they worked very hard to make the magic happen!

It is not easy to visually tell you something about the products we make. They are sometimes too complex for one shot. It is hard to be truly original and creative. A platform still remains a platform – and we were looking to do something a little bit more different and fun.

That’s why we played around with the following concepts:
– A visual that ‘signifies’ the client and what they use the platform for;
– A visual that centers the ‘user’ of our platforms and context;
– A visual that explains what ‘we’ did for our client.

And as a good making-of requires, here are some snapshots of us in the process over the last year.

Picking Lettuce at the Open Coop
Colin shoots a clip for Willem&Drees

Roxana, Tessa and Resul with a typewriter
Tessa, Resul and Roxana play with close-ups on the typewriter


Check out our clips on the cases page.

David • Technology Director at ILUMY

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