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This September the moment finally arrived – we launched TMG Feeds! The social intranet for over 2,500 employees of the Telegraaf Media Groep. Over the Summer we certainly have been busy…

Whether you devour it along with your porridge every morning or despise it for its low-browishness, the Telegraaf is the biggest newspaper in Holland – and the company behind it, the Telegraaf Media Group, is the biggest consumer publisher.

TMG media is not only doing traditional media (with brands such as Privé, Vrouw and Sky Radio,) but also has an important online presence with GeenStijl, Relatieplanet and Autotrack. Their stated aim is to deliver 24/7 on all platforms.

However TMG did not have an internal communication platform to match their ambition. Rik, Stefan and Evi executed a series of qualitative interviews with TMG employees about their internal communication in May. They concluded that TMG’s internal communication was ‘fragmented and one dimensional’.

Check out the following clip, which explains Feeds:

Feeds is a customized platform created on our Plek media-engine. The platform shows the latest ‘news feeds’ from multiple TMG news channels. You see all of the recent items pass by on your screen. Feeds has – of course – all of Plek’s social perks too: it’s an autonomous cross-platform. And in this particular case, live video-streams are available as well.

A milestone for ILUMY, and a big step for Plek: Feeds is changing internal social communication landscape and is ensuring that TMG journalists are the most informed people in the business!

David • Technology Director at ILUMY

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