Uniting two seemingly different platforms in one digital home

Did you ever visit Unseen Amsterdam? And did you ever hear about Unseen's work throughout the rest of the year? Previously, most people were unaware of Unseen's year round program and only visited the website for information on the biggest annual Unseen event. On the old website, this dichotomy was reinforced because upon entry visitors were forced to choose between the organization or the event. ILUMY to the rescue!

Unseen – Home


A new design

Unseen is a leading platform for contemporary photography. We worked together with Vandejong to create a smoother experience on Unseen’s website. Vandejong created the visual design, we created the user experience design and implemented the new design.

Unseen – Galleries

What changed?

  • We merged the organization and the event into one experience.
  • We created space for stories and artists.
  • We added voting: Vote Now!
  • We improved the information architecture, flow and navigation.

Unseen – News

We were able to maintain Unseen’s look and feel while greatly improving the user experience on the platform. We brought all of Unseen’s work together on one smooth digital home and we are very happy about the results. What do you think?

Stefan Hoevenaar • Creative Director at ILUMY

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