World Record Programming with Kids

At what age can you start to code and think digital?

In 1982, I started coding at twelve - on a Commodore 64. While it’s now some thirty years later and we live in a digital world, programming is not yet part of the school curriculum.

On Friday, CodeUur provided 635 schools with coding lessons for kids and teachers, setting a world record by teaching programming to more than 11.000 kids at once (the previous record was 9.000 Australian kids).

Kinderen op laptopIn the class where I helped as a volunteer, 26 kids from grade 7 sat behind laptops in pairs. Their challenge was to program a small Scratch game in which a ranger with a drone saves an elephant from a poacher. It was great to see how many kids got started without help and understood If-Then and Repeat-Until within half an hour.

CodeUur is looking at new ways to integrate coding into the national curriculum. Beyond the world record, the bigger goal is to offer lessons in all 7,300 schools across the nation. To achieve this, the non-profit’s partner network is getting volunteers involved and so far over 300 have signed up to help run the coding classes. Sign up too!

Stefan Hoevenaar • Creative Director at ILUMY

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