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Prototyping is the fast lane to successful innovation. With your team, we make ideas tangible, test in the real world and validate business models.
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We prototype your Products, Services and Ways of working

With your team we prototype digital platforms, apps, connected devices, electronics, tools, business processes, digital strategy and business models. From idea or strategic theme to MVP or Startup-as-a-Service.



Prototyping Partnership

In a steady rhythm of 3 to 6 cycles per year, we engage with your organisation and stakeholders to ideate, make ideas tangible, test prototypes and validate business models. For one strategic theme or for your innovation roadmap.


We bring the right mix and availability of skills, our proven method and enterprise reliability, ISO27001 secure. And fun too.

Every cycle you typically get:

  • 1 Idea or theme

    You have an idea or ideate on a strategic theme.

  • 3-5 Prototypes

    At varying levels of fidelity, all testable.

  • 20 Interviews

    10 problem and 10 solution interviews.

  • 3 Quantified tests

    User-tests, in-store tests, A/B or pricing tests.

  • 3-5 Trained colleagues

    Your team members learn design thinking and  prototyping.

  • 1 Presentation

    For gate-assessment or investment board.

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Let's talk prototyping! We're always up for an exploratory chat about your business and how we can work together.

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