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The world is changing fast. And it has to change fast, to make earth a safe and just space. That requires continuous adaptation, with new products and services, ways of working and business models. Better hurry! Don't get stuck talking. Don't lose energy keeping up failing ideas.


Yet... successful innovators know one thing: nobody knows what innovation will be successful. So where to focus? We believe continuous prototyping is the only way to find out and keep moving. Make ideas tangible, speed-up experimentation, learn and move on. That's why we offer Prototyping-as-a-Service.


We are designers, engineers, strategists, facilitators and entrepreneurs. Working with your team, we increase the value of innovation projects and help create a generative culture.

Why the name Ilumy?

ILUMY was born from a startup-team. In 2002, ILUMY launched to develop the perfect digital projector for living rooms. Mission aborted after 6 months, but the luminous name ILUMY sticked. In 2005, Stefan and David launched the simPC. Since then we worked on many failed and successful ideas, products, services and start-ups. Bootstrapping along in 2009, we opened our first office, at Amsterdam's Waterlooplein. In 2014 we moved to Rokin and launched Plek, by now a very successful partner of ILUMY. Building on everything we learned from start-ups and leading organisations, we are now your strategic prototyping partner.

ILUMY Prototyping HQ

ILUMY Prototyping HQ

How we work

First, engage. Innovation can only be meaningful and successful when we engage with users, stakeholders and experts from your organisation. We engage all the time, to gather ideas and expertise, and to test prototypes.

Then, create.  We make things tangible and testable, as soon as we can. To facilitate dialog, make abstract things concrete, less ambiguous and test assumptions. We engage, create and test in iterative, high energy spins. All the time. And then review, to learn, kill darlings and move ahead.


We spin to explore ideas, the future, strategic direction. Sometimes, opportunities arise that we can prove to be in the sweet spot of innovation. Then we deliver and transfer to partners.


Explore the future. Engage with users and stakeholders. Identify frictions & opportunities. Start prototyping!


Find the sweet spot of innovation. Test in reality how opportunities can be desirable, feasible and viable. Choose what to deliver.


Convert prototypes to (corporate) reality: build, produce, implement, launch, sell. Allure users, colleagues and stakeholders to try and embed the new in daily work and life.


Share knowledge, ownership and ways of working with the people and teams who will keep improving and prototyping!

Prototype our relationship

Let's talk prototyping! We're always up for an exploratory chat about your business and how we can work together.

Or call us at +31 20 7740033