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Dutch Council for Human Rights

Human rights in The Netherlands

Client Challenge: serve many different stakeholders

The Dutch Human Rights Council monitors and promotes human rights in the Netherlands. Their website has to serve a very wide range of stakeholders, including citizens, immigrants, refugees, lawyers, press and international institutions. Themes include inclusion, discrimination, equal treatment, privacy, accessibility and due process. How to offer value online?

 ILUMY Innovation: IA, UX, Privacy by Design, InfoSec, WCAG

With the team of the Council, we design and create a digital platform and multiple (sub)sites in ongoing iterations, merging user experience, information architecture and accessibility (WCAG standard) for the widest possible range of users: everyone living in The Netherlands. Given the sensitive nature of human rights issues, the platform is designed with privacy top-of-mind. And secure. And mobile too. As all of our digital platforms.

Shared Insight: n = 17.200.671

Never underestimate how different people can be in how they search, see and hear, read, understand, and act on information.

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