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Visual storytelling as a new way of working

Client challenge: inspire employees to aim for 100% customer satisfaction

Essent is one of the leading energy companies in the Netherlands. Their goal is to enable people to improve their living environment by using the unprecedented possibilities of energy. Essent launched the Effortless Service change program to motivate 1400 employees to make service easier and eventually effortless. For customers, but also for the employees themselves. The ultimate goal of the program is to achieve 100% customer satisfaction. How can you generate an intrinsic motivation in employees to aim for the full 100%?

ILUMY innovation: ignite change by creating a compelling story

Our first step was to simplify Essent’s message and wrap it up in a compelling visual story. Next step: test it with users (the employees). People need to understand the meaning of change, and they have to feel comfortable discussing it. So we organized dialogues about Effortless Service and helped Essent’s employees relate to the concept of change. The result is a sharpened message and a new visual language. This ignited change and took the employees on a journey they really wanted to make.

Shared insight: the story continues…

The compelling Effortless Service story not only strengthens the meaning of the program, it’s also fun to read and fun to tell. It helps employees spread the word and enables them to put words into action. The employees are inspired by the story and are now working towards turning the story into a new reality, for themselves and for their customers.



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