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NB-IoT revolution

Shaping the future of the Internet of Things

Stefan Hoevenaar

Creative Director

21st of March, 2017

As you may have spotted before, ILUMY works with innovators in the NB-IoT revolution. So obviously we're backing SODAQ's kickstarter campaign, introducing NB-IoT for everyone. They've reached their goal but you can still be a part of this revolution. Pledge now, get connected and start using the collected data in no time.



Ilumy backed SODAQ’s Kickstarter project for an Arduino NB-IoT shield that connects Arduino to the new T-Mobile NB-IoT network.


SODAQ will deliver the world’s first Arduino NB-IoT shield in June. With this Arduino shield we will all be able to rapidly prototype Internet of Things applications with T-Mobile’s NB IoT network. Awesome!


T-Mobile will launch the world’s first national NB-IoT (Narrow Band) network in The Netherlands (read more about ILUMY’s role in the launch here) and pledged to provide all backers from the Netherlands with a free NB-IoT SIM card and free access to the NB-IoT network for a year. The NB-IoT network offers great reach (for example in cellars and underground) and battery life of up to 10 years.

SODAQ is hosting an NB-IoT exploration workshop in May to teach backers all about their shield. And of course ILUMY will attend. See you there?