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Ngage Media

Signed, sealed, delivered: prototyping the proposal process

Client challenge: streamline the proposal process

Ngage Media offers media agencies and advertisers a network of large digital screens with national reach. The screens are located at places with many passersby, such as retail or entertainment areas and public transportation hubs. With a small team Ngage Media simultaneously manages dozens of campaigns and even more campaign proposals. Now, imagine you’re a sales employee. You have to offer several combinations of screen locations, campaign durations, time slots, spot lengths and frequencies and you’re applying various discounts per variable combined with package deals and client discounts. So... you’re screwed. Unless ILUMY joins your team!

ILUMY innovation: interaction and integration

When Ngage Media came to us, sales employees were using a combination of Word, Excel and Salesforce for every single proposal because they had to manually process so many options and variables. Creating one proposal took 45 minutes. Through an iterative process, we came up with a user-friendly and flexible interface that makes all the required calculations for every possible combination and produces a good-looking proposal in PDF. We connected the back-end of our tool to Salesforce for a seamless data flow. Creating a proposal now only takes 10-15 minutes.

Shared insight: selling demands flexibility

The Ngage Media team are deal-makers. They don’t aim for standardization in their proposals: they need the flexibility to structure deals exactly as they – or their clients – wish. Any combination should be possible, any price discountable, calculated either from the top or from a fixed total price. Anything to get the deal!

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