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Our journey with Trespa

We reached yet another destination. On to the next!

Stefan Hoevenaar

Creative Director

15th of February 2017

We've come a long way with Trespa and we're still going strong. Earlier we replaced 11 existing country-specific Trespa websites with 1 global website. We introduced a new product database, a worldwide project database and a whole new user experience. But of course Trespa kept innovating, and so did we...


We just launched the new and improved The tiled design matches Trespa’s architectural products, and the dynamic behavior of the content reflects the company’s continuous development. Trespa sets the tone through innovation, experience and reliability. Stimulated by this well-balanced combination, our goal was to create a new structure and design for Trespa’s website. We implemented a sub-homepage for every product line. Each sub-homepage has tiles (which Trespa can edit itself!), and pre-filtered samples, projects, documents and contacts.


We want visitors to explore and understand the possibilities of Trespa’s different product lines. We want to inspire visitors, and we want to involve them through events and social media. So now: on to the next destination. What do you think will be our next stop?!