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personalised learning

personalised learning

Personalized learning

How can kids follow their hearts and learn for the future?

Stefan Hoevenaar

Creative Director

4th of February, 2016

This weekend ILUMY participated in a hackathon to develop new ideas for personalised learning. While not really a ‘hack’-athon, as you can’t code education revolution in a day, our team sucked up and shared some great ideas and presented an inspiring concept.


As a new learning experience, our concept had to be viable and sustainable in class, out-of-school, at home and online. We decided that in order to validate our ideas it had to consider and be based on the following user questions:


What do you want to do? (You will learn along the way) 

What do you think is important in the world? (We will better understand your values)

How do you see the future? (We will understand your perspective)

What do you want to learn? (Every kid wants to learn something)


personalised learning

personalised learning

This may be the start of a longer commitment, partnering with people that want to change how we educate. More soon.