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Experience PON’s vision of transportation in the future

Client challenge: the future in VR

PON Holdings BV is a Dutch conglomerate in the transportation sector, an international trading and service organization. For their event 'World of PON', we were asked to conceptualize an environment in which a lot of people could simultaneously experience the moving world of PON, in a realistic future experience with limited time for FX. The main goal was to explore the possibilities of VR, AR and 360 videos.

ILUMY innovation: combine 360+AR+VR and focus on the story

By augmenting 360 stereo video backdrops, shot in cities and harbors, with AR infographics and a voice narrative, guests experienced the future and were taken away by the story. We used new technology to start 200 headsets simultaneously, so that 2.000 guests could enjoy the full experience during the 5 days of 'World of PON'.

Shared insight: story is everything

Of course we knew in advance that story and gameplay are what make the (VR) experience. Once again, we learned to trust our sense for narration, exploring new angles for user perspective and agency.

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