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amref health lab sociomap ilumy

amref health lab sociomap ilumy

Prototyping health approaches with Amref

Role-play experimentation brings many insights

Stefan Hoevenaar

Prototyping consultant

1st of February 2019

Last week, Amref, aka Flying Doctors, organised a Health Action Lab with participants from Kenya, The Netherlands and USA. Their aim: unlock the African market for new health solutions and approaches.


At the Maxima Children's Hospital, ILUMY facilitated a Prototyping Jumpstart session: to explore opportunities to address non-communicable diseases associated with unhealthy behaviors of Kenya's working population.


In one morning, we moved from understanding the problem, mapping the social context of people and ideation to role-playing two different approaches.


Once again, role-play proved a valuable and fun way to experiment instantly with ideas and propositions. More later.