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Launch a new Internet of Things network

Client challenge: launch an ecosystem 

T-Mobile Netherlands wants to realize the potential of the Internet of Things with a new type of network. The new network, Narrowband IoT (NB IoT), offers many advantages over Lora and other networks-for-things, including low power usage = long battery life and good reception in buildings. In 2017, building on their advanced infrastructure in the Netherlands, T-Mobile was first to launch the NB IoT at a national level.


But what’s the use of a new technology without users? The network needs an ecosystem with end users, hardware developers, application developers and TMobile platforms/propositions. Our challenge was to help kick start this intricate ecosystem.

ILUMY innovation: prototype journeys and platforms

Our first goal was to get the story straight. With the T-Mobile team we developed customer journeys for end users, application developers and OEM manufacturers. Next up: prototyping! We prototyped two platforms: one for the management of IoT devices and data streams and another for an IoT app marketplace. To top it all off we came up with a pairing protocol for connecting sensor devices.

Shared insight: align the chickens while prototyping the eggs

The emergence of a new ecosystem has many interdependencies – some would say hurdles – that can be anticipated by aligning stories and stakeholders at an early stage.

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screen shot 2018 05 08 at 11 17 21

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