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trespa swing

trespa swing

Trespa goes circular

From panel to table to swing to ...

Stefan Hoevenaar

Prototyping director

7th of February 2019

Can you recycle a building? Or upcycle parts of a building? Buildings going circular?


Yes, says Trespa, the producer of panels for beautiful façades. Even façade panels deserve a second chance! 


So Trespa launched the Trespa Second Life Program, where façade panels - instead of being discarded as waste after use - can be reused as material for many other applications. For this purpose, Trespa offers customers a certificate that guarantees that Trespa will disassemble, remove and reuse exterior panels sustainably. And Trespa invites innovators  to prototype new applications. Any ideas?


ILUMY worked with Trespa on the positioning and development of the Trespa Second Life program and its story online, together with Crecs.


Already since 2011, we've created Trespa's international online presence and sales channels, in 10 languages. Of course, we'll also be prototyping new applications for panels!