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Enable journalists and business to see the future

Client Challenge: can you see the future?

Stefan started with a question: how much can I find about the future on the internet? So he picked one day in the future and started researching. In just one day he found so much! Upcoming rocket launches, product launches, court cases, political events, upcoming news. Then he decided to launch Zapaday, the most comprehensive source of information about the future. You can see the future if you know where to look?

 ILUMY Innovation: launching Zapaday

Zapaday listens to thousands of news sources and filters everything that is written about the future. Clustering this information, Zapaday generates input for many topic calendars, combined in smart dashboards and search engine Futurescan.


ILUMY prototyped Zapaday and launched it as a start-up, initially bootstrapped, then VC-funded. Zapaday went through many iterations and pivots, with business models aimed at citizen news readers, journalists and business users. The Dutch news agency ANP acquired Zapaday in 2015.

Shared Insight: the future is bigger than the past

Clustering future events turned out to be much harder than expected. Future events can be interrelated in myriad ways, making clustering technically challenging. More important: while the past is condensing, the future is steaming and ever growing.

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