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Battle of Disruption

ilumy battle of disruption 1

ilumy battle of disruption 1

Set priorities for digital transformation, learn and have fun! A strategic awareness board game for 8-16 players. 

How will digital transformation disrupt your industry? Where are opportunities for your organisation? Play the Battle of Disruption game at your office or during a team event. Build a shared language, learn, prioritise and have fun!

Prototyping Spin

ilumy prototyping spin cropped

ilumy prototyping spin cropped

Make ideas tangible and testable in no time. Let's spin!

You have an idea and want to make it visible, tangible, testable: an app, device, product, service, tool, way of working or business model. In a prototyping spin, we engage, create, test and review in cycles: spins. Different from typical design sprints, we'll always engage and create together with users and experts. And we'll always focus on testable results, so we can test assumptions and business models. Try us for a spin! We can work with any budget.

Innovation Reactor

ilumy innovation reactor cropped

ilumy innovation reactor cropped

Crowdsource and drive innovation in your organisation and establish a generative culture. Jump-start with our proven method and platform.

Do you want to make it easier for people in your organisation to propell initiatives? To get involved with ideas and test new business models and ways of working? Do you want to create enticing stage-gates to drive ideas from spark to opportunity to sweet spot to MVP? Our proven approach combines prototyping with principles from Lean Startup and Agile. And you can work with our innovation collaboration platform Booster, loved by many.

Prototyping Partnership

ilumy prototyping partnership 1

ilumy prototyping partnership 1

Prototyping Partnership

In a steady rhythm of 4 to 10 cycles per year, we engage with your organisation and stakeholders to ideate, make ideas tangible, test prototypes and validate business models. For one strategic theme or for your innovation roadmap.


We bring the right mix and availability of entrepreneurship, skills, our proven method and enterprise reliability, ISO27001 secure. And fun too.

Every cycle you typically get:

  • 1 Idea or theme

    You have an idea, ideate on a strategic theme or want to validate a business model.

  • 3-5 Prototypes

    At varying levels of fidelity, all testable.

  • 20 Interviews

    10 problem and 10 solution interviews.

  • 3 Quantified tests

    User-tests, in-store tests, A/B, pricing tests and other LEAN experiments.

  • 3-5 Trained colleagues

    Your team members learn design thinking and  prototyping.

  • 1 Go / No go

    A clear decision for a new or improved product, service, tool or way of working.

Strategic partners

We commit to future value: pro-actively scan markets , help spot opportunities and deliver testable prototypes on Horizons 1, 2 and 3.


We create excitement, work with your experts, create fans and get feedback with our in-company approach.


Once we agree on a rhythm of 4 to 10 cycles per year, you will have ongoing ideation and experimentation.

Flexible teaming

You will always have access to the right mix and availability of (rare) skills when needed in the process. You get results without hassle.


ilumy startup as a service cropped

ilumy startup as a service cropped

Launch your startup with a balanced, experienced team on a budget. This is not our first rodeo.

A friend told us about his well-funded startup, burning €800k in the first year with a team of 15. Result: too many people working on a still-useless product. Mission aborted.


Prototype your start-up with us for €120k-€150k. We bring the experts you need just when you need them. And we bring a proven method, fully operational DevOps, a start-up mentality and corporate reliability.


We scale up when the sweet spot gets proven. You commit six months ahead and we both keep risk low.

Team on a budget

Why hire a full team? Get the experts you need just when you need them. We spin and sprint at the speed that matches your need.

Start-up mentality

We're result-oriented, customer-focused, no-nonsense, hi-energy, fail-ok, purpose-driven, empathic, tech-savy, and fun to work with.

Up and running

As you prototype with us to prove your sweet spot, we'll always be ready for the next step: building on our method and experience .

Certified security

Many new ideas involve personal data. We cherish privacy by design. And we can launch your service with certified security.

Prototype our relationship

Let's talk prototyping! We're always up for an exploratory chat about your business and how we can work together.

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